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  • We are here to take care of all administration so that you can focus solely on the healing process.
  • We are here to advance your rights and welfare within the health care system.
  • We work directly for you, as an extension of you to facilitate clear communication with any and all health care providers.
  • We aid you with any issues/concerns you may have with insurance providers.
  • We help strengthen your relationship with your physician.
  • We protect your privacy.
  • We provide Research and Resources.

Patient Advocate San Diego

What We Help With

  • We facilitate communications between medical professionals and you.
  • We manage medical paperwork.
  • We assist you in the Preparation of appointments/Accompany you to appointments.
  • We Work with family members and care givers.
  • We mobilize Resources.
  • We help you locate any medical, integrative, Holistic, or Mental health professional you wish to work with.

What does Viveesa Do

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Viveesa Patient Advocate