Viveesa, they really do “show you the way, when the way is not known.”

After sixteen years without health insurance, I finally got it! The very first thing I did was get a physical. Everything was pretty normal except my doctor wanted me to see a cardiologist (kinda scary) so I made an appointment thinking (because I was told it was “covered”) it was free with my insurance and a co-pay. All new to me. I went in, they did some tests and wanted to do one more where I would have to be in the hospital for a short time. We scheduled the appointment once again thinking it was “covered.” A week before I was to go in I received a bill for $1,800. dollars. I was in shock.

I called Viveesa and spoke with Ms. Mascarenas and let her know what happened. She got my information made calls and promptly got back to me. What I didn’t know was just because they say it is covered does NOT mean its paid for, what a lesson. So the day before I was to go into the hospital, with only a half hour before the doctors left for the day, she was able to help me cancel (with no cancellation fees) my appointment till we could find what my insurance would cover, saving me thousands of dollars. She didn’t leave me there, she found that I could apply for financial aid from the hospital which I did and cut my bill to a third of what it was and finding options of how to have my procedure where I could afford it.

I truly learned my lessons and am so grateful to Viveesa and Ms. Mascarenas for helping me through this and continuing to help me navigate through the healthcare system. Now I know why the Company is called Viveesa, they really do “show you the way, when the way is not known.”

Mike U.

San Diego, CA

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