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I had the sincere pleasure of working with both Alicia and Helen. Alicia was the first person I talked to and after doing so I immediately felt relieved about my medical claim issues. She was courteous and professional and referred me to a Helen, who frequently works with TRICARE members. Helen was there with me every step of the way to help file my complicated healthcare paperwork despite my absence because of a military deployment. Her responses to all my questions were quick and thorough making sure I understood the process. I couldn’t have done it with the help of both Helen and Alicia. I would definitely recommend them to anyone with healthcare issues! Thank you so much!


At the dark times of your life there are Guardian Angels sent your way. During our dark times with my son’s illness, our Angel was Health Advocate, Samantha Ready. I can’t say enough about Samantha Ready, Founder and President of Viveesa. Her services were so vital in maneuvering through the bureaucratic and political frustrations of the Health Care System and Health Insurance nightmares. We would have never been able to accomplish what she was able to accomplish which was to get our Insurance Company to pay for the unique, expensive out of network services that my 21 year old son desperately needed. Her services were gravely needed due to the fact that we as parents, working full time, did not have the capability to stay on top of the many hours of phone calls needed to get through the red tape. Her knowledge of how to get through the process far outweighed ours and would have taken us ten times the amount time if we had to attempt to do it ourselves. Her professional, respectful, yet persistent demeanor was able to accomplish the impossible. I know we would have never been successful in getting what she was able to get done. The other invaluable quality Samantha provided for my son was hope. Samantha’s genuine nature showed through because she really cared about the wellbeing for my son as a person and went far and beyond to get what my son needed. My son truly knows how much she cares about him. I highly recommend the services Samantha Ready and her company, Viveesa, provide.


Alicia Mascarenas from Viveesa is an incredibly caring Patient Advocate and worth every single penny invested for the most precise, complete and immediate results when one is experiencing difficulties obtaining needed services and benefits. She’s genuine, personable, precise, thorough and absolutely timely with follow through on all actions (and she can be a barracuda when need be). I was at my wits end, almost ready to give up when I contacted Viveesa and spoke to Alicia. Not only does she perform a stupendous job, she honestly CARES! She has this pure energy and a positive attitude that can be contagious (fortunately!). I would highly recommend Viveesa LLC to anybody who is having difficulties getting the needed things to live their life with the benefits they’re deserved and become the best productive and healthy person they can possibly be.


As a working professional and Father of three young children, there are not enough hours in the day to manage a chronic illness. Viveesa is the extra voice and pair of hands that I need to navigate the labyrinth that exists in healthcare today. They began working for me the day that I called. It was also on that same day that I felt, for the first time in a long time, that everything was going to be ok. One phone call literally changed mine and my family’s lives. Everyone needs help from time to time, I’m just glad I asked. Words cannot express how profoundly grateful I am to have Viveesa in my corner, they give me something that no one has given me thus far: Time.


Alicia Mascarenas is an angel and a fierce soldier wrapped into one person. She saved my life. I had been struggling with an unknown medical condition and was exhausted and scared by the time I called Viveesa. Alicia assured me that she would help me get the care that I needed and started working on my behalf that day! 6 weeks later I had a diagnosis and could finally begin my healing process. Thank you, Alicia, for all of your kindness, support, and most of all your professional guidance.


The help that I received from Viveesa went above and beyond my expectations and completely solved the medical billing issues that I was experiencing. I am a working professional and did not have the time to make the numerous calls required to rectify the incorrect billing that had occurred, which resulted in me being incorrectly charged thousands of dollars for bills that should have been covered by my insurance provider. My advocate made sure that the bills were properly sent to my insurance, who then covered the correct amount. This took the weight off my shoulders and removed the stress that I was feeling. I ended up having to pay a tiny fraction of the originally billed amount – thanks so much to Viveesa for setting things straight!


After sixteen years without health insurance, I finally got it! The very first thing I did was get a physical. Everything was pretty normal except my doctor wanted me to see a cardiologist (kinda scary) so I made an appointment thinking (because I was told it was “covered”) it was free with my insurance and a co-pay. All new to me. I went in, they did some tests and wanted to do one more where I would have to be in the hospital for a short time. We scheduled the appointment once again thinking it was “covered.” A week before I was to go in I received a bill for $1,800. dollars. I was in shock. I called Viveesa and let her know what happened. She got my information made calls and promptly got back to me. What I didn’t know was just because they say it is covered does NOT mean its paid for, what a lesson. So the day before I was to go into the hospital, with only a half hour before the doctors left for the day, she was able to help me cancel (with no cancellation fees) my appointment till we could find what my insurance would cover, saving me thousands of dollars. She didn’t leave me there, she found that I could apply for financial aid from the hospital which I did and cut my bill to a third of what it was and finding options of how to have my procedure where I could afford it. I truly learned my lessons and am so grateful to Viveesa for helping me through this and continuing to help me navigate through the healthcare system. Now I know why the Company is called Viveesa, they really do “show you the way, when the way is not known.


They are professional, compassionate, creative, excellent communicators, efficient and they work quickly. I am very happy and impressed with their work.


Viveesa was there for me when I needed someone the most. I thank God for Viveesa. Without them I would have been alone trying to accomplish something in which I don’t understand.


Viveesa is awesome! They helped us make crucial decisions for our daughter during a very difficult time. Very professional and knowledgeable.


Viveesa responds to every request, and lowered our chemo medicine tremendously to an amount we can afford. I’ve already recommended them to others.


Outstanding people. Invaluable service. Worth every penny. Professional beyond expectation.


Her concerned presence encouraged health professionals to address our health issues. She helped us navigate the hospital, outpatient visits, and health and disability insurance. Viveesa helped in so many ways.


I love Viveesa. You’ve made our medical situation one million times easier than it was before.


Amazing staff, amazing work, amazing follow-through!

DR. B.

Alicia Mascarenas has been awesome with my daughter Cynthia!


Viveesa responds to every request and lowered our chemo medicine tremendously to an amount we can afford. I’ve already recommended them to others.


Viveesa consistently exceeds our expectations. They are not only very professional and knowledge but also caring and compassionate. I would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking advocacy services.


Viveesa, so far you’ve saved our son. I’m hoping he can do the work to return to his job and live with this mood disorder in a positive way. Thanks so much!

Viveesa Patient Advocate