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Patient Advocates Support Caretakers and Their Families

Navigating the healthcare landscape is like traversing the toughest terrain on earth without a map or visible landmarks to guide the way. There are 65.7 million unpaid caretakers in the United States who are all too familiar with the hair-raising dips and turns of the medical system. Navigating for a loved one is an exhausting undertaking and a recent article tweeted by Richard Branson highlights the complicated role caregivers in Britain cope with.

There are many parallels between the UK and the U.S. population of caregivers (referred to as carers in the UK). In both cases, massive responsibilities are implicitly present when juggling caregiving with work and family obligations. Being a caretaker is a natural part of our human experience and should be supported by our family and work communities.

Caregivers_virginUnfortunately, here in the United states, 70 percent of working caregivers suffer work-related hardships due to their dual caregiving roles; and another 69 percent of working caregivers must rearrange their work schedule, decrease their hours, or take an unpaid leave of absence in order to meet their caregiving responsibilities. Caregivers suffer losses in wages, Health Insurance, retirement savings and/or investments, and social security benefits. The scarcity of time and resources are often the cause of fatigue for caretakers as well. This can be alleviated by connecting caregivers with Private Patient Advocates. Private healthcare advocates, such as those at Viveesa, are experienced guides who help caretakers and their families through this stressful process.

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