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We coordinate your healthcare needs, you get back to living life.

Perfect for adults who need help avoiding hidden healthcare costs, or dealing with Healthcare provider or insurance issues they don’t have time for. Advocacy for You


Make sure your loved ones receive the care that they deserve.

Ideal if a family member has a health issue, and you can’t sacrifice your time but need to ensure they have the best care. Advocacy for a Loved One


Help your employees bring their A-game and be healthy.

Essential for business to ensure that their employees are focused on work and not coordinating their health care. Advocacy for Business

Viveesa is a team of patient advocates in San Diego, California who can assist you with your personal, family member, or employee healthcare needs. Your Patient Advocate works for the best outcomes for dealing with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Mental Health, Insurance and Billing Issues, or any other health care needs, the way you could if you had the time, knowledge & experience with the healthcare system.


Who Are Viveesa Patient Advocates?

Our patient advocates are passionate about making sure you are getting the health care and coverage that you deserve. Never deal with the hassle of coordinating your health care again.

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What Does A Patient Advocate Do?

We work directly as an extension of you to ensure that you are seeing the right doctor, receiving the necessary care, and that your insurance company is providing the right coverage.

Why You Need an Advocate

What Services Does Viveesa Offer?

We help with Insurance Claims and Appeals, Coordinating Care, Mental Health, Referrals to Specialists, Medical Billing Assistance, Accompaniment to Appointments, and Research & Treatment Options.

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