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Healthcare Advocacy for Companies

In the United States, health-related work losses due to absenteeism and presenteeism are estimated to cost employers more than $260 Billion dollars each year. Whether an employee is a working caregiver; spending non-working hours coordinating care for a spouse, child, or aging parent; or managing an ongoing personal health condition; the lack of time, energy, and resources coupled with a healthcare system that does not always communicate seamlessly between various providers makes for an extremely stressful situation that adversely affects the health of that person and their ability to fully function, which in turn can only affect the health of the company that they work for. 

Companies that add Viveesa Healthcare Advocacy services to their existing employee benefits plan are providing the support that these individuals need to redirect their attention and energy toward serving their higher purpose as valuable members of a thriving and vital workplace that builds its success on the notion that the health and wellness of its employees is its greatest asset.

How We Help

  • Manage Communication & Administrative Actions with Providers
  • Medical Billing Review and Negotiation
  • Help Mobilize Resources and Expedite Care
  • Insurance Claims & Appeals Assistance
  • Comprehensive Planning for Upcoming Healthcare Services

How Your Company Benefits

  • Increased Productivity
  • Heightened Employee Engagement
  • Better Company morale
  • Greater Employee Retention

We Simplify Healthcare for Your Employees

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