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Is this Treatment Right for Me??

A recent article in The New York Times, How Medical Care is Being Corrupted, discusses how power belongs to the insurers and regulators through the control of payment by rationing access, prevention, diagnostics, therapy, and palliative care. Many doctors today are in an ethical bind where they cannot put their patient’s care first. Our healthcare system is run like any other marketplace commodity giving incentives to physicians that may override the best interests of their patients. The economic pressure placed on doctors to follow set metrics to avoid harsh financial penalties have a direct impact on the type of care their patients will receive. For the patients who are wondering “is this treatment right for me?”, hiring a patient advocate to ask those tough questions will ensure that you are getting the exact care that you want. A scary diagnosis is stressful enough without having to put up a fight with healthcare providers to get the care that you deserve. Hiring a patient advocate to manage the administration and facilitate communication between you and your caregivers will give you the opportunity to be less stressed and more focused on your healing.

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