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Why does my company need advocacy services?

The following are a few of the repercussions if a company lacks Private Advocacy and Healthcare Navigation benefits:

  1. Employees fail to seek and receive the healthcare they need.
  2. Employees become unfocused, stressed, and unproductive from health concerns.
  3. Frustration may lead to employees resenting the employer and insurance provider.
  4. The company’s bottom line suffers due to low productivity rates.
  5. Paid health benefits go unused, even when needed, due to lack of time and ability to navigate the system.
  6. The HR department is stressed from trying to manage healthcare beyond their training and capabilities.

Advocacy services offered by Viveesa will save your company time and money while providing peace of mind for employees and HR managers.

What can brokers do to catch the attention of Human Resource Departments worldwide?

Offer them benefits that raise the bar and situate their company’s benefit package above the norm. In January – February 2017, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) conducted its annual survey of U.S. employers to gather information on more than 300 employee benefits. Two main facts that they uncovered were:

  1. To remain competitive in the talent marketplace, one-third of the organizations had increased their overall benefit offerings in the past twelve months.
  2. Recruiting and retention of talent has become increasingly competitive over the last five years.
  3. To attract and retain talent, companies must leverage the benefits package they offer their employees. Adding Healthcare Navigation and Advocacy does just that. It is the white glove component of healthcare benefits.
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